Sunday, September 6, 2009

Star of the Week

Each 1D student will have the opportunity to be our Star of the Week. Dates for Stars are determined randomly. The current Star will draw a name out of a bag, and that child will be the next week's STAR.  Your child will bring home the Star of the Week bag on Wednesday or Thursday before his/her Star week. Please help you child select photos and fill out the Star of the Week poster. Specific directions will be included in the STAR bag.

1D Birthdays

Parents or guardians are welcome to come to the classroom to celebrate their child's birthday. Half-birthdays can be celebrated on the actual half birthday or at another convenient time during the school year. Parents can bring a birthday treat (NO PEANUTS! We do have a student with a peanut allergy in our class.) You are invited to read a book to the children and join us in 1D birthday celebrations. The birthday student may also bring a toy for show and tell on this day. We try to have birthday celebrations at noon, (directly after lunch), or at 2:30, depending on the day and our specials schedule.  Please contact Mrs. Simmons -
 a few weeks before your child's birthday so that we can get the celebration in the plan book.